Yakutia has so many areas so utterly isolated from the rest of the world and so far from people that chances of bear sightings are high for the few intrepid souls who venture out into this wilderness. On the Arctic shorelie and Arctic Ocean islands it is also possible to spot polar bears.

We run trips to the border area between the Taymyr Peninsula and Yakutia's Anabar District where guests have an excellent chance of seeing polar bears:

Polar bears, walrus, muskox, 1 million reindeer

Additionally, on our trip Mammoth Tusk Hunters guests may have the opportunity to see polar bears.

Several of our trips (see the links below) give travellers a high chance of seeing brown bears somewhere along the way if the trip is done in summer. However, if travellers or photographers for any reason need a guaranteed sighting of bears for any reason, we can also arrange this. We will do a river trip in Yakutia at the beginning of June when the ice has just broken up. At this time we can guarantee visitors a minimum of ten bear sightings. Please get in contact with us via the Contact page if this sort of trip interests you.

Trips that have a good chance of providing brown bear sightings are:

1. Road of Bones

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