Most of Yakutia has no roads, other than the two or three in the southern and central parts of the republic. Most of this vast territory, almost the same size as India, is roadless, with most settlements only accessible by boat or by air in summer. However, in winter a network of zimniki open up – temporary winter roads on frozen river surfaces. Hardy long-distance truckers spend weeks or months out on these ice roads, transporting goods to Yakutia's most northern, most isolated settlements. There is a whole ice road culture, complete with rules of behaviour, etiquette, superstitions and rituals that is prominent among those who spend much of their lives out driving in the harshest of harsh environments.

Three of our trips (see the links below) include some amount of travel on ice roads. Apart from this, we can organise trips for travellers, photographers or film crews to accompany long-distance ice road drivers as they travel thousands of kilometres from Yakutsk deep into the Arctic to supply its villages. If this sort of trip would be of interest to you, please get in touch through this site's Contact page.

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