Large numbers of mammoths, together with other types of ancient fauna, have been discovered in Yakutia. Some people even make their living by visiting mammoth graveyards in spring and summer and collecting mammoth tusks to sell for ivory.

Click for our 13-day Highlights of Arctic Yakutia trip, which includes visiting a mammoth graveyard with a paleontologist from Yakutsk. Finding mammoth remains is guaranteed, and guests may also come across the remains of sabre-toothed tigers, woolly rhinoceros, cave lions, bison and other ancient fauna.

Click for our 14-day Mammoth Tusk Hunters tour, on which guests will accompany mammoth tusk hunters from Arctic Yakutia, crossing 60km of frozen sea on snowmobiles to reach the New Siberian Islands. is a service of Argish LLC, a tour operator registered in the Russian Federation
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