Many of our clients are film crews and photo-journalists. We provide media services of any sort. Past clients include BBC, UK Channel 5, Australian Channel 7, Finnish Channel 4, Chile Channel 13, Australian Network 10, TVN, Discovery Channel, RTE One and other independent studios.

We have also organised trips for several world-famous photographers and journalists. They include Jimmy Nelson, Sue Flood, Alegra Ally, Simon Morris, Helmut Pichler; Eduardo Lostal; Cristian Barnett and Kate Eshelby.

We have long experience helping clients achieve their goals in this tough environment. Our guides, interpreters and fixers have spent many years working in Yakutia among nationalities of Yakutia.
They have a level of knowledge of Yakut, Evenk and Dolgan culture on the level of a serious anthropologist. In addition, they have personal and professional relationships throughout Yakutia on all levels of society.

Our long experience of working with film crews combined with our long relationship with indigenous people of Yakutia, ensures that we are perfectly positioned to help film crews achieve their goals.

Based on the type of film that you are making and the time of year you want to come, we will provide a list and description of most suitable places and characters that we believe best fit your requirement.

Yakutia is a tough-shoot destination in terms of climate, logistics, bureaucracy and cultural differences. We can provide clothing for any weather and transport for any terrain. Our fixers can surmount any cultural differences between film crew and locals. We work with local government to ensure all paperwork is ready pre-trip. We use top local knowledge to ensure logistics are planned safely and efficiently. All crews will be given a health and safety briefing before the shoot begins. We can create risk assessments and evacuation plans for your shoot too if required.

If you need to hire kit or crew, we source highly qualified specialists and the latest kit. If bringing your own, this is also fine. We provide visa invitations for crew and help getting kit through customs. We will navigate you through the bureaucratic nightmare that filming in Russia can become.

Please Contact us to enquire about media services in Yakutia or anywhere else in Russia. We will be happy to work on pre-existing projects or discuss new ones. There is nobody in Yakutia with the same level of experience as us. We look forward to hearing from you! is a service of Argish LLC, a tour operator registered in the Russian Federation
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